Sunday, August 7, 2016

Notes 2016 Uvalde Sports First day is measured, weighted and boxed.

Mandatory Pilots meeting started at 9:30 am. Maybe best to call it the morning show with hosts Kerry and Richard. It went well and combined with the morning daily briefing lasted about an hour. Our CD went over somethings that might ruin your day...gear up landing, flying with one logger that fails just before you finish. Kerry doesn't like snakes..of any kind. Seems the rattlers here have stopped rattling their tails. The wild pigs hear them when they do, not good for the snake. So, we have stealth snakes.

We grid about the right time, 11:45,  first launch was about on time,12:30 and we had clouds all day. As the day progressed bases rose as usual. A bus won again, another bus decided a 3:30 task time was to long, so he flew a 3 hr task. Oh, he won the practice day yesterday.....yep, what is said about winning a practice day has held true once again. The scores are up on the SSA website. Go to the bottom and click the link and the task should be seen.

From half way to the back of the first turn climbs improved and cruise speeds picked up. Going to the second turn was with a cross wind, but climbs were decent.  The second turn was where some of us seem to have slowed as the eastern corner was weak when I arrived. Took longer than I wanted to get gone and head to Leaky. Leaky was now sweet.  A short ways to Leaky the day started to perk again with bases rising. True Texas sky late afternoon.

What came as a surprise is after landing and going to get signed in we have a VIP tent with tables, drinks, treats. Really good treats! Yum yums. Hanger 6 Cafe is really putting on a first class show.

Really no drama to report as even all the landings went well. Tow pilots are great and the ground crew is once again putting on a world class show. Oh, the tie down area is all grass...them thorn bushes have left the planet........we are thankful for that!

Pilots meeting tomorrow 10 am. Then we dance and grid again. Looks like another good day tomorrow. Oh, today's heat index was 109.......nite all.