Monday, August 8, 2016

Notes 2016 Uvalde Sports Vinny's on call.

You know the hit guy from Vegas? Vinny, yep, theirs talk about making a call. . Our host, Kerry, saw a mouse in her office today. We needn't say any more on that splat. Now the CD, well, Richard and I have been friends for many years. Yep, he's flipped out. He called a billion turn MAT with min time of 4 hrs. QT, John Godfey, who has stepped forward...again...doing remote scoring,  loves the sport so much he will be up till Christmas checking logger files.

The pilots meeting was changed to 10 am. Of course P7 and 711 show up at 9:30. We chatted about the cost of getting your glider to AU for the Worlds. Spoke on several issues also. Good stuff. We grid around the same time, 11:45 am and first launch was 12:15 or so. Gate opened 1:45 pm. Of course we  were invited to a Hanger 6 BBQ which starts at 7 pm.

I started 2:16 pm. Drove pretty hard to the first turn. Saw some birds. Am not sure if they were using me to center as me nor them could find the cores until I was half way to the second turn. Around the second turn the cores became more organized.  I woke up and stopped worm burning down low. Then the day went pretty straight forward. 5-7 kt climbs 6-7000+msl. Not a whole lot of streeting but more MC flying on my part. Means when I left a climb I was standing on the rudder da

Then came Hondo, now we can't use our cells for calls while flying. Our CD is lucky here, as I am sure several would of been calling Vinny. But the climbs were good even though it went sorta, ya, blue, but with wisps marking the tops. Maybe best to say it was cycling and you could of gotten low and slow.

A lot of flights on the OLC. Scores on the SSA website. Oh, them thorn bushes I spoke of yesterday....about them leaving the planet? Seems not all of them left as when I made a climb at the first turn, I saw where several are in hiding. It cooled a maybe a degree to 107.

Had some drama on landing. No damage as one did a 180 turn after landing during his rollout on the taxiway. It was perfect! Nite.

Best. #711.