Saturday, March 11, 2017

Seniors 2017 first cotnest day 3-11-17

Mandatory pilots meeting started on time @ 9:45 AM. CD John Good made a splendid presentation to a mature entrant crowd. No O2 bottles or walkers were seen. No cell phones rang. Doesn't matter about cell phones ringing as no one would hear them.

Brief introductions were followed and then came our weatherman. Like yesterday, the practice day with about a zillion land outs as he doesn't even go out on the task and lands back here/ Now today he paints this picture of not so good of times which has everyone wondering. CD Good calls a task with #7, #8 and then north to Montgomery. Its a 2 hr TAT (small areas first 2 and 22 miles last one) hint).

Hmmm........we grid around 12:15. Sniffer is a ASH 25 MI who runs his engine so he doesn't have to take a relight...what....yep a relight. Now the CD knows how to create thermals, so he sends up another sniffer.....which relights (CORRECTION.....the second sniffer just informed me he stayed up (I did inform him no one knew it was him)'s, it was a early launcher who did the relight......I did ask the second sniffer then who created the thermals...he smiled and said..."God"), Hey, I ain't the news service but do try and keep things straight arrow....err.... .which might curve a little). Then it starts to perk. Remember the task first is to the west, then south east, then north. Yep, all them clouds are just north of us and the first 2 turns are in the blue.

Well, task is cut to 1:45 on the time. Most leave dodge around 14:40 ish with good climbs and after the second turn heading to Montgomery we had really nice clouds.

Oh, the weatherman, Mr. Silva...FS....wins the day with a raw speed close to that of light....73 mph. Ha, he guessed maybe 55 mph would win the day and the CD guessed if we broke 50 mph we would be lucky.

John Good and Rick Shepp should be posting on the SSA website with scores and news. If I can I'll post up some pictures and brief thoughts as the days roll on. Me thinks the oldest here is 88 and that is GV. 1E is 84, KS is 81. Theirs some sensitivities on these ages so maybe I need not go their anymore.

Over all good day, many smiling faces are seen, Free dinner tonight.

Best #711.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Senior Nationals 2017

Well, here are a few pics from today around 11 a.m. Just click to make them "big". The launched starting around noon. A pre-practice task was called. An AAT with Wines, errr #40, then #11 and Grass Roots. Circles say of 10 or 15 miles. Just a fun day with bases rising to over 6 thousand by days end. Tomorrow, pilots meeting 9:30 am and first official practice day. But I am letting a secret out. Saturday looks gigantic, big and just maybe the biggest day this site has ever seen. So, stay tune and watch the SSA website, along with this blog for updates.

My day went well. Some simply unbelievable climbs of 6-7 plus knots, 6 thousand end of day. Along with lots of birds.

 Andy and Susan helping out.
 KS is here and with him a "bird".
 Looking south @ 11 am.
 Yep, and it just got better and better!
Last minute detailing and the sky looking North.