Thursday, March 9, 2017

Senior Nationals 2017

Well, here are a few pics from today around 11 a.m. Just click to make them "big". The launched starting around noon. A pre-practice task was called. An AAT with Wines, errr #40, then #11 and Grass Roots. Circles say of 10 or 15 miles. Just a fun day with bases rising to over 6 thousand by days end. Tomorrow, pilots meeting 9:30 am and first official practice day. But I am letting a secret out. Saturday looks gigantic, big and just maybe the biggest day this site has ever seen. So, stay tune and watch the SSA website, along with this blog for updates.

My day went well. Some simply unbelievable climbs of 6-7 plus knots, 6 thousand end of day. Along with lots of birds.

 Andy and Susan helping out.
 KS is here and with him a "bird".
 Looking south @ 11 am.
 Yep, and it just got better and better!
Last minute detailing and the sky looking North.