Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 Perry R5N early report

Arrived here a few days ago. Yesterday, 4/11/17, Tuesday turned out better than was thought. Flights are up on the OLC. Most headed northwest towards Newberry which is above interstate 20.  We had good clouds which gave great climbs. As the day went on the bases rose and at the end of the day some reported 7,000 ft.

Today we put up the tent. Last year took slightly longer, like 3 hrs or so. Today, with the help of  the same New Yorker(who read the directions finally), much less time like  40 minutes or so.

KM went flying along with 6I I believe. For a "southern" Texan this could be a booming day...cough......shortly we shall see on the OLC.

A yellow Cub, a 304 self launcher, a ASH 25, and the "New Yorker"

Our tent with the club house behind. First came here we had dinner in that club house. Our contest is full, 65 folks and I believe a short waiting list. Over the years its amazing what the Tylers have done to help foster and promote our sport. As Al fly's most of the time by himself out of Perry, the more miles he racks up, the bigger the smiles he's blessed with.

Just as New Castle, the fire pit which will shortly be lit.

Folks, I am not creative enough for this story. But these 2 folks had a measuring tape to center the orange lines to help out those who tie down back their. They even came up with the idea of lead in orange lines to help folks get centered returning to their tie down spots at the end of the lead out to the center line....hmmmm.  Well its warm now mid 80's. Might get some light rain tonight or tomorrow. Will update in a few days. Best. #711.