Saturday, April 15, 2017

Perry R5N evening 1st practice day report

I didn't fly today but just spoke with several folks. Baud Litt, LBL, said he had a good day, climbed to 6200 msl but stopped short of the bases. Fairly good climbs except he had to stop for a 2 knoter to get up and to a good looking cloud.

Al Tyler, 8H, reports off tow he had an 8 knoter and called Dave Nadler, YO, to welcome him to Perry as they were both climbing together. He had a good day with several 6-8 knot climbs.

Scores are up on the SSA website.

Now, seems like someone locked the door on one of the camping trailers. Skip Pate, P8, finally got the spare keys from the owner. Skips beautiful young girls of 13 and 10 confessed that their dad did it. Skip just walked by and did say he was the last one out!

Tomorrow is the second practice day and I shall fly. Looks good but mid-week we might get some afternoon thunder. The jury's still out on that. Seems most if not all are here. Back in 1972 at the Worlds in Virsac with 89 entrants and cloud climbs allowed(one reported a climb to 19,000 and still landed out!), the line of folks walking to watch the opening day parade was over 3 miles long. Flags from 28 Nations were flown.

Here in Perry, no line but we have 2 flags flying. The state flag of South Carolina and that of the USA.

Best. #711.