Saturday, April 15, 2017

Perry R5N First Practice day 4/15/2017

Pilots meeting 10 am. Should be brief. Weather looks good as task is called for all classes. A TAT of 2:30 minutes. Start 4, Don Bells, Twin Lakes, Bamburg, Do Little, and finish.  radius varies. Min dis 76.86 and max 230 miles.

Few days ago, hardly anyone here, now its packed full. 65 entrants among all the classes. Yesterday we ran down to Barnwell, Orangeburg, Twin lakes and Don Bells. All had 12 mile radius. Bases rose to close to 6,000 by days end. Some had great climbs close to 10 kts achieved.

Pilots meeting starting, alot of talking and folks saying Hi. CD just yelled "the meeting has come to order".

Ronda Tyler, the CM, just stated this is the 17th contest here. CD is number 5. Registration after the meeting.

More tonight,

Best #711.