Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday 4/18/17 evening report.

Ok, you just might be a red neck if you go to the Doctor and he asks whats wrong? You state "I swallowed an ice cube 3 days ago and it still hasn't come out............do da dew. Or you might be a red neck if you slip and fall but manage to save your beer.

We didn't fly today. Right now headed our way are thunder, lightning, rain, and winds. Tomorrow more of the same. Most are in the box. Yesterday, simply put, the 18 Meter class winner smoked everyone in all classes. Scores are up along with reports on the SSA website.

Another note. We have this area of NDA ( National defense airspace) AKien that goes from ground to 2,000 AGL and simply requests pilots not to fly over or through it. Well, a major alert happened yesterday as white drones were seen by the security folks watching over the site. Then they learned the white drones were gliders and then finally asked the CD through a friend to call them. Well, it got pretty good on the phone as a 4 or 5 way called happened. Yep, all the government folks did confirm that all gliders did overfly the area and none were ever below 2,000 agl. Hmmm... Ok, now they wanted all the contest glider N numbers but when asked why as since they already stated none were in the area below 2,000 agl it just got quiet on the phone. But the best one-liner came when one government worker asked what a "sectional chart was"........do da dew.

Asked about the weather for tomorrow and the CD responds "Tomorrow is Wednesday".  The clubhouse got a new sink, first one in 12 years or so. Time for dinner.

Best. #711.