Friday, June 16, 2017

Pre Club Class Nationals and Region 9 Friday 6/16/17

After Region 5 Perry I headed back to Alamogordo. Weather has not been user friendly but have had several good flights. So a few days ago I decided to head over to Hobbs a few days early as am flying the Region 9 FAI class contest.  Was thinking that McAdams park might fill up(had only 3 campers here when I pulled in) and the ramp space  could be getting crowded. Hmmmm.........about that ramp the pic....make it big.

This is looking SE. That's Steve doing tow ropes. It's 3 pmish.

 The above is looking North West ish.

 Yes, my trailer and  Goldwing. Nice CU's looking North ish.

Build up looking South. Notice the ramp and grid, it's already been prepped and blown clean.

Sam and Penny Giltner, 5U, are here. Sam's helping Steve do tow ropes. A tow plane might show up from TSA around noon ish tomorrow. Hope so, it looks like a great day. 5U is a motor glider, so he is planning on flying. No bugs....nor  rain....maybe windy in a few days. Tomorrow is hotter than today. Today we have a heat alert only for But it's dry heat...Yada Yada Doooo.

 Looks like we have 44 total between the Club Class and Regional. We have 4 tow planes and a chance for a fifth. I have become the O2 guy as the O2 tanks just were delivered and plumbing has been reinstalled.

Tomorrow's forecast below.....Hobbs is going BIG and  seriously me needs a tow!..........I'll post some more pictures and day's events as long as my friend "The Helium" can control that mad leprechaun.

DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 33.10,-103.41 (283,145)
 Jun 17 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd     24h    27h  ForecastPd 
         W*     730    729  W*         
Sfc.Heating     311    294  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit   16777  17465  Hcrit      
   BL Depth   16480  17372  BL Depth   
     BL Top   20476  21368  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.    1856   2006  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio      16     14  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind       8      9  BL Wind    
  Direction     306    282  Direction  
 Wind Shear      10      2  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg      -5      3  Max.Converg
      CUpot     364   -351  CUpot      
     CUbase   20113  21720  CUbase     
      ODpot   -4790  -4828  ODpot      
     ODbase   25266  26196  ODbase     
      maxRH      48     45  maxRH      
       CAPE       0      0  CAPE       
    Temp@2m   102.3  105.1  Temp@2m    

Best. Tom #711.